Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hospital Hill 10K Race Report

I'm a little late on some race reports, so I'm catching up. This race was on June 4th and it took place in Kansas City, MO starting and ending at Crown Center. This is a race that draws many participants and is always a favorite among runners in the area! I always get really excited about this race until I'm about a mile into it running up the first of many hills, and then I start wondering why in the world I signed up for it! It's not called Hospital Hill for nothing. There is a huge hill that goes right by the hospital and then quite a few other hills throughout the race. If you're looking for flat, this is not the race for you. Below is a picture of the Finish Line when I first got there. Not too many people yet, but then the next picture shows the crowd of people at the start line!

The great thing about this race is it is so well organized! They have great perks for the runners, great medals, great water stations, tons of support along the course and that is why people continue to do this race year after year. This was my second time doing the race and I did the 10K both times. They also have a 5K and a Half Marathon. I honestly don't think I could ever do the Half Marathon on this course because not only is the course hard, but it's usually pretty hot in Kansas in June. It's pretty brutal, but that is also what makes finishing that much sweeter! Below is a picture shortly after the start. We are heading toward downtown KC and you can see all the people way up there!

This next picture is in the last mile and there is actually a nice downhill heading toward the finish line. This was a nice sight after looking up so many hills throughout the race!

My 10K time was 1 hour, 8 minutes and 29 seconds with a pace of 10:51. Not a PR for me, but I wouldn't expect a PR on this course (for me at least). Here I am with my medal post race! I was ready to get in my car and turn the A/C on!

This race is still one of my favorites, regardless of the hills and the heat! And I will be doing it again in 2012!

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