Sunday, March 20, 2011

Race Report - Leaping Leprechauns 15K

Last weekend, I went down to Dallas to visit some friends. I had a 10 mile training run on the schedule and knew that I would be more likely to get that training run in if I registered for a race. There was a Leaping Leprechauns race in McKinney, TX, the town I used to live in and they had a 1K kids run, a 5K and a 15K. I thought that would be perfect, so I registered and showed up Saturday morning, March 12th. I didn't get all dressed up in green or anything (I know, I should have been more festive). And I didn't get any pictures of myself at the race, but I promise I was there!

The course was more hilly than I thought it would be, but it was a nice challenge. No killer hills, just quite a few smaller ones. The weather down in Texas was obviously a little warmer than what I was used to, but I couldn't complain because the sun felt great! The race was small. It was put on by the Stonebridge Racers, a great community of runners there in McKinney. They raffled off some prizes after the race, so that was neat. I won a coupon to Road ID that I can't wait to use!

I finished the 9.3 miles in 1 hour 33 minutes and 9 seconds. That was an average pace of 10:01 minutes/mile. I guess you could call it a PR for me since this was the first 15K I'd ever competed in. I was 110/169 overall and 7/21 in my F 30-34 Age Division. I was proud of how I raced it and I walked through the 2 water stations, but other than that, I ran the whole thing.

I had a great rest of the weekend with my friends and then headed back to Kansas on Monday. I started feeling sick Monday night and just got progressively worse on Tuesday. I still feel sick almsot a week later, but I finally did get out and run 2.5 miles this afternoon. I didn't feel great doing it and it might not have been the best thing to do, but I needed to run for my mental sake! I think I'll head to the dr tomorrow to see if they can help me because I really need to feel better so I can get my running schedule back to normal!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Run is coming to the Big Screen!

I have been an athlete all my life and a true runner (who enjoys running) in just the last few years. We all know there are tons of sports movies out there! The majority of them are about football, basketball or baseball. I love sports movies of any kind, but I'm extremely excited about seeing My Run! And it's not a running movie that I'll have to rent, I can actually go watch it in the theater on the big screen! And this isn't just a regular ol' movie, this is an inspiring documentary that will be in theaters only one night: March 31st.

I could write what it is about in this post, but I really encourage you to visit the website HERE and watch the trailer. And you can also check to see if it will be playing in a theater near you. I am lucky that it is playing where I live and can't wait to see it!

Also, you could win a pair of tickets to the movie by heading over to Sara's blog: "Words to Run By" HERE to enter the giveaway. But hurry, you only have until midnight on Thursday the 10th to enter!