Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini Vacation starts tomorrow!

I need to get caught up! I have 2 race reports to write and will have another one after this Saturday! June 4th, I did the Hospital Hill 10K in Kansas City, June 11th, I did the Fredonia Flag Festival 6K, and this Saturday I will do the Rock-n-Roll Seattle Half Marathon! I promise that I will get caught up after our vacation this weekend.

My husband and I are heading to Seattle tomorrow for a few reasons:

1 - We wanted to go somewhere for our anniversary. Our 1 year anniversary isn't until August 28th, but we decided to do the trip a little early and we decided on Seattle! I have been to Seattle once for work (8 years ago this month) and it was only for 1 day. I've always wanted to go back.

2 - David's brother lives about an hour away from Seattle and I haven't gotten to meet him and his wife yet, and David hasn't seen him in about 10 years. So we are really excited for them to come to Seattle on Saturday and hang out with us!

3 - We decided on this weekend because it is the weekend of the Rock-n-Roll Seattle Marathon series. I was looking for races to do on vacation and I've always wanted to do an RNR race, so the timing was perfect!

We will be there 4 nights and hopefully will come back refreshed and full of the fresh seafood Seattle has to offer!!! Once I get back, I'll give a vacation recap and also get caught up on all the race reports I need to write! Have a great weekend everyone!

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